Marc's Nails & Beauty

Marc is an independent nail technician with over 10 years experience.
Specialising in sculptured acrylics, and by using the highest quality market leading products
ensures all nail work is long lasting and of superior quality.

Acrylic Enhancements

Sculpted Nails (Pink & White)
Add £2 for colour/glitter tips. Add £5 for stilleto
Full Colour
Permanent Coloured Acrylic Extension
Clear / Natural Extensions
Perfect for clients that like to paint their own nails


Add £2 for Colour / Glitter

Nail re-balancing starts from...

Replacement Nails
or £1.00 each with infills

Soak Off
or £5.00 with new set



Revolutionary Gel Polish. Enjoy upto 2 weeks of lasting colour with no chipping, peeling or cracking.
Can be filled after 2 weeks and doesnt damage the natural nail.

Finger Nails £20.00
Combi £35.00
French £4.00
Toe Nails £18.00
Infill £18.00
Rockstar £3.00


Nail Art, 3D Bows / Flowers £1.50
Hand Painted Artwork from... £1.00

Gems are charged at 20p each.